When it comes to selecting the best waste compactor or baler for your business (or figuring out if you even need one at all) understanding the benefits and possible cost saving opportunities is the first step.

How We’ll Help

Our team will do a waste and cost benefit analysis related to compaction. Our dumpster diving professionals will analyze your waste streams and determine compactor size, type, and what will make the most sense for your business.

When getting a compactor makes sense…

The more trash pickups a business requires, the greater the cost. Less pick-ups = less spend.

As a distributor of a wide range of waste reduction equipment, Advanced will work with you to find the right equipment for your space to benefit your bottom line.

If you’re already thinking about an industrial compactor or baler and you’re not sure which one to go with…

Great. You’re one step ahead.

Industrial compactors are designed for all business types to reduce the size and volume of materials, helping you cut the frequency and cost of your next pick up. Each compactor is created to fit your unique needs, and if one doesn’t already exist, we’ll create a solution specifically for your need.

Once your waste or recycling compactor is up and running, we’ll handle the pickup, future maintenance and all other related items.

If this all sounds good to you, call us today.

If it’s time to replace or buy a new but there’s no capital to be found…

We have options. Our leasing programs pay for themselves through reduced waste and recycling expenses. If you’re not interested in ownership and maintenance, we’ll rent it to you and the maintenance is on us.

Or if you’ve had your compactor or baler for a while…

It’s probably old, tired, and you’re spending money to keep it running – but you need it or your trash bill will sky rocket.

Let us come out and do an inspection and a cost benefit analysis of repairing or replacing your unit – at no cost to you.